Window Valances and Cornices

It is always a good idea to decorate your interior to suit your needs, especially the more subtle aspects such as windows and walls. Decorating these aspects of the room won’t drastically change the theme that has been setup in a room, yet will still add to the appeal of the ambience of the room. One way to decorate your windows is to add curtains, such as valance curtains. However, this may not be as simple as installing a curtain on your windows and calling it a day. For starters, valance curtains can be expensive, where even the lower end ones may seem not worth the money. Another problem is the aesthetics of the valance; the curtain should add to the appeal of the room not destroy the theme that is set. For high quality, yet affordably priced window valances and cornices, contact Drapery Select. We make high quality draperies, valance curtains included, and at an affordable price. For those who may have a hard time understanding what valance suites their needs, we offer on-site consultation and help out regarding taking measurements needed for the curtain and suggesting what colors and designs to choose. Customers can also choose to have us install their valences on their windows or do it themselves, whatever suits them.

We at Drapery Select also makes cornices for our customers according to their needs, the theme of their home or a design that they choose for themselves. Not only do we make custom cornices, we can also consult our customers regarding the designs and measurements of said cornices and even install them, if the customer wishes it. Over the many years of our service, we have learned from all the experience that we have received and have also earned the praise of our customers regarding our window valances and cornices.